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July 1st 2021 - Ben Judd Boat at The Boaters Inn Jetty

Ben Judd

Ben Judd’s boat moored at The Boaters Inn jetty.  The boat was part of Ben's Stanley Picker Fellowship and was a collaboration with the local community and Kingston University students.

Photographs from the day......

The day included included ...

Design Talk: Level 6 Interior Design students at Kingston School of Art talked about their design work for the top structure of the boat.

Art class: Run by Kate Brett of KEA.

'Turner on the Thames': a talk by David Meaden

Lockdown Competitions: with photography and literature entries on display.

Music: Performed by students from The Kingston Academy.

Riverside Design: competition entry for the revitalisation of the riverside frontage around John Lewis and Kingston Bridge, including a presentation by TKA students and local architects who collaborated on their entry.

Literary competition winners & entries can be found here  Photography competition winners & entries can be found here

BJ tka-performers
BJ tka-singers
BJ talk-on-j-m-w-turner-and-the-a
BJ riverside-design-3
BJ explaining-the-ben-judd-boat-p
BJ riverside-design-2
BJ riverside-design-1
BJ competition-entries-on-display
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