All roads close to Canbury Gardens have controlled parking.

Parking arrangements within CARA area have a significant impact on residents and visitors.

Kingston Council website provides information about local street parking arrangements

CARA monitors proposals for any significant change to parking zones within the CARA area, or close enough to it to be likely to have a knock-on effect. CARA aims to bring those proposals to the attention of potentially affected residents.

Some current parking issues may be reported in the most recent CARA Newsletter or in CARA eNews, emailed monthly to CARA members.

If you wish to change the parking arrangements in your road we recommend that you organise your own survey of all residents/households in the area to be affected. As evidence for local support for the proposed change you should send Kingston Council the survey responses, which should cover at least 60% of the properties in the survey. Please keep CARA informed about your survey.

CARA will consider supporting a request for a change to parking arrangements within CARA area if more than 50% of the responses to the survey agree with the proposal, and if there would be no significant negative impact on parking in other roads in CARA area.